Bangladesh quarantines hundreds of Rohingya rescued from sea

Bangladesh rescued about 280 Rohingya from Bay of Bengal, sending them to flood-prone island amid safety concerns.

  • Published = 8 May 2020
  • Source = Al Jazeera and News agencies

Let’s Learn Sentences, Not Words


Impose isolation on (a person, animal, or place); put in quarantine.


  1. ‘I quarantine all new fish for one month’
  2. ‘they had to quarantine infected households’
  3. ‘The patients are now quarantined in normal wards and recovering from fever, the Central News Agency reported.’
  4. ‘Because the aim, as I see it, will be for embassies to get all the ex-pats and tourists home before borders are closed to us and we are quarantined.’
  5. ‘Some areas are quarantining returning migrants, while teams are being organised to bring in crops so that workers don’t have to return to help with the harvest, they said.’
  6. ‘So now my poor little 6 year old and I are quarantined in our home.’
  7. ‘He acknowledged to himself that he viewed Horatio as more than an officer when he was quarantined on that plague ship.’
  8. ‘In this situation, Ponter actually does get sick and almost dies and all those who made contact with him are quarantined.’
  9. ‘If foot-and-mouth does hit this area and we are quarantined, we won’t even be able to do this.’
  10. ‘In October some guests were quarantined in their rooms after a similar outbreak of sickness.’
  11. ‘In the case of an outbreak of a viral hemorrhagic fever, infected people should be quarantined.’
  12. ‘The building has been quarantined since the mail anthrax attack in October 2001.’
  13. ‘In the old days the disease was terrible, but survivable: farms were quarantined and the animals nursed.’
  14. ‘The property has been quarantined and all animals will be tested.’
  15. ‘The farm’s 12,000 chickens were destroyed and farms within two miles were quarantined.’
  16. ‘A day later the 500 bed Ditan Hospital, one of six in the city designated for SARS patients, was also quarantined.’
  17. ‘Until results of the biological test are satisfactory, the sterilizer should be quarantined.’
  18. ‘Currently, nearly 40 patients positive for HIV are quarantined on their own floor.’
  19. ‘The Public Security Bureau will crack down on anyone who refuses to be quarantined or undergo medical observation.’
  20. ‘The Chinese man suffering from leprosy is quarantined in a tent by the river on the edge of town.’
  21. ‘The aircraft was met by state and federal agencies, including customs and police, who quarantined it for screening.’
  22. ‘Bedford School is not quarantining pupils who have returned from affected areas, but is monitoring their temperatures twice a day.’


Surrounded by; in the middle of.


  1. ‘The cabins stand in their own picket-fenced patch of grass amid beautiful countryside.’
  2. ‘Only about a dozen homes surround the picture-book church, which is set amid rolling fields.’
  3. ‘These housing projects are cruelly juxtaposed amid the sublime beauty that surrounds Nuuk.’
  4. ‘To top off her bewilderment, the lad was walking amid his parents who didn’t seem to notice at all.’
  5. ‘All this after I had the commonsense to slow to a halt amid a growing pack of confused motorists.’
  6. ‘It stands in a valley amid green hills on the banks of the steel-blue Pichola lake.’
  7. ‘A lot of younger people sat in the aisle amid the fag ends, gum and dust.’
  8. ‘It stands in the car park at the turning to Goathland, a patch of concrete amid acres of North York Moors heather.’
  9. ‘Golf at its most challenging will be at the forefront of a new course growing tall amid wooded splendour.’
  10. ‘It was here, amid the wilderness of the Forest of Dean, that her imagination took wing.’
  11. ‘Nine holes later, we walked up the last fairway amid the big grandstands.’
  12. ‘The sight of huntsmen and women riding around in red tunics amid a pack of hounds is often described as picturesque.’
  13. ‘Now that I live in the city, the need for a bit of light relief amid the concrete and the traffic is felt more keenly than ever.’
  14. ‘Snow usually falls amid high winds, meaning that skiing is impossible while it is actually snowing.’